Friday, January 27, 2012

Washington DC

As I sit in my freshly made bed, blankets laid out, pillow fluffed, xl pile of tissues thrown into the bin, I contemplate taking 7x the recommended amount of my across the counter sleep aid and slowly slip into an endless, dreamless bliss (just sleep for a long time, not like death or anything). But then I am struck with the reality that although I've laid my blankets out they haven't actually been washed in, err, awhile, and my sheets have had at least three different people sleep in them since their last wash, so really it's not so fresh, or so clean, and my sleep aid just gives me a majorly intense anxiety attack and makes the room spin around for awhile. Insomnia is here. Insomnia and a cold is appears have actually joined forces in an attempt to completely derail my non-procrastination goals for this semester. You can't get me sleep! I'll win this one, just you wait and see. Well, as soon as I have my voice back, it went missing, and as soon as my nose actually begins working again, the mechanics are looking at is as we type/read, but they don't seem hopeful. But once those are cleared up I shall be VICTORIOUS! Although, that is, well, unless the tissue box runs dry, then it's all over. the goose is cooked. the bucket is kicked. the jig is up. the cold/insomnia super monster has won all the crackers. I've decided now is a good time to discuss DC. Then I will "sleep."

I went to Virginia to visit my sister: Michelle, and her hubby: Matt, and they're adorable kids: Rachel and Cole. My mom also went out with me. She was the one who actually funded le voyage (that's french for the trip, I google translated it, so we know it's legit). Here's a brief photo montage. It's nuthin you haven't seen on my fb. Don't hold your breath. 

Alright. Firstly, we went the Natural Nation Museum of National Natural History... or whatever confusing name it really has. Cole loves that museum; sadly he was suffering from a life threatening illness (the common cold is serious biz in my book) and spent most of the adventure on the ground in tears. Poor kid. We did manage to stick our tongues out a great deal.... 
This is always her favorite face to make when we take photos. 

And to gaze longingly at the endless majesty that is this giant elephant from many years past. (Actually I have no idea when it's from....)
(note the amazing dragon jacket)
 Once the great adventure was over, we had a few days that looked a lot like this... 

They're just so handsome. Especially the pantsless one!

Rachel is much like Shelton from "The Big Bang," that's her seat. No one else may sit there EVER.
Cole spent most mornings, noons, and evenings playing with his trains. He loves them so durn much. He almost always has Thomas clutched in his hand. And when he's not playing with them then Percy is in his hands also. He always talks about the "camboose" (caboose) as he pushes it up and down the "slide" (bridge). 
Man down.

Then we got crazy adventurous and went to Maryland. My first time in the state. Woop. And saw a super fancy shmancy aquarium!! We tool a lot of pictures, and basically partied like it was 1999... I won't put you all through that. Just one photo of the darling Rach. 

Well. What can I say now? The rest of the trip was spent in cuteness. 

It was really fun being all together as a family. I'm glad I had the opportunity to go out there and visit them. I durn near stole Rachel; it was rough leaving her behind. Fits and all. And spending time with my sister is always one of my favorite things to do. She's a good mom. I mean it. Not just saying it. Mean it. Big difference. 3 cheers for Michelle! (I'll let you do the rest.)

Sweet dreams all you slumberers! If anyone is up into the wee hours of these next few nights (Rachel and Dave, here's your insomnia shout out), maybe we can get a late night, texting, group I-spy game of glory going ... or something ... just spitballing. 

(I went to add a song for you guys to listen to, and seems to be having some technical in it's not working. So you will have to look this one up on your own if you want to hear it. Anywho. Flagpole Sitta, by Harvey Danger. Because once you start loosing sleep your mind starts to slip a little. If you don't believe me ask Stuart. He missed like 6.5 nights or some madness like that. He'll tell ya.)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Short. Long. Introductions. And pants.

Note: These pants would most definitely not be
 allowed onto BYU-I campus. Just sayin.
This week I grew as a person. I think most weeks I grow, but this week I think I really came into my own.

I wore a pair of Cassie's pants to the second day of class. You know what that means? That means I'm actually in fairly good shape. Go me.

I also stood in front of a college class and taught for a few minutes. Not terribly advanced, but huge for someone who completely fears the idea of even standing up to go to the bathroom in the middle of class.

Not only that, but I got organized. And I declared myself competent to do whatever it is I want to do. And right now, that might just be Grad school. Ya know what I've realized I'm good at? Being a student. I kinda love learning. Call me crazy.

I introduced myself to one of my classes by bringing in a few things that described me. Here's how that went. Just because I love talking about myself oh so much, I figure I'll sum up for you.

A Seattle snow globe:
Turns out being raised in the Pacific NW has actually shaped the type of person I am now (a closet hippy).

A letter:
Did you know that I love writing letters?! Of course you did. But honestly, I think it's a big part of who I am. If you want a pen pal, hit me up.

A polaroid of Hebgen Lake:
Hebgen is part of my soul. I am one with nature. It heals me, and it helps me conquer any trials I may experience.

My book ring:
I love books! I love rings! I love my sister, who gave it to me!

My hen napkin holder:
I have little nicknacks all over my room. And I do mean all over. They're everywhere!! This hen is one of them. It represents my love for animals and my vegetarianism. I fight for the cause in my own little way.

My cell phone:
You all know I always have my phone out. I try so hard to keep in touch with everyone. Although I have come to realize I am terrible at it. I also love being connected. I have the world in my hand, and I'm good at navigating it.

Well, there you have it. Now you know me.

Today I leave for Virginia. Cute photos of my children to follow.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity.

(Listen to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem whilst reading this week. That is if you so choose. I know some of you say no no no when it comes to Eminem. Don't fret -- it's edited. -------> )

Ask me what I've been doing with my life for the past three weeks. Go 'head, ask me. I'm waiting for you to ask. If you don't ask then this entire blog post is a waste. In fact I won't even write it -- nay I won't even think it! IF YOU DON'T AS - ok, thanks for asking!    For the past three weeks I have been ON VACATION! And it's the best kind of vacation too. The kind where I'm not stressed with traveling on an airplane, then running around touristing a city, and then sleeping for like five hours total during a one week period, and then flying home just in time for school and work to start up in less than 24 hours. This is the kind of vacation where I go home, home to my "parents" house. I sleep in my old bed. I watch endless movies. I do family activities. I dance a lot in front of the Kinect. I take my dog on walks whenever I feel so inclined. And then I snuggle with that same dog always. I have been disconnected from all reality (which sadly includes all my friends), and haven't even had to think about working. Spoiled is what some people I know like to call me, but ya know what? I worked my dang tushy off this last semester, so I firmly believe I deserve some good old fashioned pampering. Ok. It's kinda boring to just keep writing about all the nothing I did -- not to mention how much more boring it must be to  read about it. So, let's move on, shall we?

Now that my three weeks of bliss are coming to a close it is time yet again to strap on my rocket skates and fly at light-speed through my next three.five months of madness knows as life. This semester is going to be a little bit different than those I have already experienced however. Let me tell you why, won't you? First: I have a job I LOVE. This hasn't really happened for awhile. Sure I like Archiver's, but eventually I got to the point where it wore me out so much emotionally and physically that I just couldn't even handle it on top of school anymore. Anyways, back to the present. I sometimes hate getting up early to drive to some school that takes all I have to navigate to, with fingers crossed that the teacher actually left me a usable lesson plan, and the thought of the bratty kids I'll have to entertain for 7 hours. But once I'm at the school and the kids come rolling in I realize how freaking much I love being with them! I can't get over how much fun we have, and how amazing it is to get them to learn new things. And I never thought I would say this but (as far as subbing is concerned) I really love teaching elementary kids. They crack me up. So, there's the first reason, a no stress job. Second: I am only taking 12 credit hours this semester. Usually I take anywhere from 14-17. 12 seems glorious. Plus 3 of those 12 are online, so no sitting through 3 hour ed classes this term. Third: I am taking classes that are concluding my education as a teacher. I am in the nitty gritty, so to speak, and there's no more fluff. It's all learning how to teach and what to teach. And I love getting to pretend like I'm a teacher while I working on my endless assignments that honestly are completely stupid and that I hate. Fourth: This is my last semester in classes. Next semester I am a student teacher. Then I graduate. Holy adult world batman. I am close!

So, here's to the new semester. To substituting and meeting cute kids across Utah County. To learning lessons about what it means to be a great teacher. To working hard and accomplishing great grades. To never missing a chance to succeed. To stepping up and never quitting. This is what I want more than anything, so it's time to get back to work and accomplish it.

You like how I just peptalked myself in the form of a blog post? Yeah, me too. Aight kids. I'm off to accomplish thing. Oh wait. Not really. After all I still am on vacation. I can't be expected to do too much with my time. Thanks for reading! I hope all you who started school this week are doing okay!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's almost time to read a book!

(The theme for the next few weeks seems to be summed up in the song you should listen to while reading: The New Year, Death Cab For Cutie ------>
it's on my listen while you read!)

Tis the season for countdowns. Countdown to winter break. Countdown to end of finals. Countdown to the New Year. Countdown to Christmas. Countdown to when Rachel comes back from school. Countdown to seeing friends or family. Guess what I'm counting down to!!!! When I can read a BOOK! For my own enjoyment! When I was in Vancouver I bought five new books. Not to mention the three others that have been in my reading queue for months. As of tomorrow it will finally be time for me to delve into ALL of my books. I can't wait to read whatever I want. No having to annotate. No having to analyze. No having to come up with lesson plans to reteach my readings to bratty youth. Straight up reading. My favorite thing ever! The first book I shall be reading is called The Glamour of Grammar but I am also going to read Slaughter House Five on the side. Because as much as I love grammar I think I might enjoy having a book with an actual plot line on the side. :)

Today is my last final! I'm just finishing a few rewrites, and then one annotated bibliography of epic proportions. I am also finishing up an essay I wrote for my "Academic Writing for English Majors" class. My professor told me that she loves my ideas and the basic concepts I've already turned in. She's going to be working with me more to get this essay in prime condition. Then I will be submitting it to a national conference, and hopefully then presenting it at a national conference. According to my professor "the field needs more women like me." She told me I should definitely give grad school serious thought. So I just had to take a minute and brag about myself to all of you...because apparently hard work does actually pay off. Who knew?!

Finals week is a rough week for all of us. Especially when it's Lynnanne week. Although I must say that having a family dinner two nights ago was a great moral boost. I don't want to put down any of your families (although most people who will be reading this are in my family), but I have THE WORLD'S GREATEST COUSINS! I dunno how it happened, but my cousins are my best friends. No matter the age of the cousin, no matter which cousin it is, we're best shinkin friends! The only thing we were missing was Michelle. Poo for DC being so far away. But! Despite all odds! I seem to have come out of finals week still alive, and possibly stronger than ever ??? Maybe ??? Ok, well after I sleep for five days straight I'll let you know if I'm stronger than ever. All I know is that this was my hardest semester of my college career. And it's all downhill from here to my BA. Next semester will be cake. Then I have all of summer off. Then I student teach. And then I'm D-O-N-E. Hello real world! You're a terrifying place!! Eeek!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. For now I am going to finish up this semester. I get my Facebook privileges back today -- yesssss -- so I've got some social networking to catch up on. I'm going to work out like crazy during break. (I've lost 25 pounds this semester...don't ya know.) I've got some intense Christmas present making to do. I've got dogs to squeeze. Sisters to tackle, smack, tickle, and annoy. Movies to watch. Fireplaces to sleep in front of. Vegetarian and/or wholegrain food to eat. Sledding to be had. And presents to open.

Family time here I come!!!!

Oh look. It's some photos of us.

Maddie and Maren -- I'm not entirely sure what's happening....but Mad freaked and the photo came out wonderfully.

I'm not sure I would use the term obsessed, but Stuart definitely loves his new IPhone. Yay for Birthdays!!
I love me some John Wilson! That was a strange sentence. Imma leave it. Anyways. John's lookin good as per ush. I'm lookin like a crazy person. As per ush. Good times all around.
Julianne really didn't want her photo taken. Too bad she's just so dang cute! Oh and there's miss Carley lookin equally adorable!! And Maren lurking in the back ... she seems to be doing that a lot. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vacation and Renewed Hope.

(Listen to Shake it Out by Florence + The Machine whilst reading this week -------> )

I have 40 minutes to finish this homework assignment and submit it. Alas, I decided to listen to Florence and write here instead. I don't really have a lot to write, but I was recently talking with someone who was reassuring me that my writing is worth reading. That makes a girl feel pretty good about herself, I must say. So. Here it is. 11:23 on a Tuesday evening. I'm wearing a moo-moo (that's a big ol dress type nightgown thing), I've got my bushy hair pulled back with a big 0l clip, and I'm singing along to all the random songs I've got on my Spotify Queue. And let me just tell you that suddenly tonight things clicked and I felt good with the world. I feel like I'm ready to get out there and fight and claw and have fun all the while; thereby accomplishing things with this crazy life of mine. But it takes so much energy! So I've got to up that. If anyone wants to get me a sunlamp for Christmas that would be greatly appreciated. Sunlamps make me feel more energized for sure.

SO! Guess what I did last week?! Ok, you guessed it. I went to Vancouver to spend time with my mum and Fred. I love my mum and Fred. They make me happy. And then there was Purple! That's my grandma. And I love her too! We all four had a lot of fun being lazy and eating some great food. Fred spend ALL DAY making me vegetarian foods of the Gods. I've never had a better Thanksgiving meal in all my days. MMMMmMMMmmmMM veggie lasagna with protein "meat" balls. Yup. Finger lickin good.


Anywho. Vancouver was great! I had so much fun visiting my family. We even got to go on an impromptu trip to the coast. And I LOVE the coast. It was pouring rain, and freezing, but regardless I absolutely adored it. I ran around barefoot, chased birds, yelled at the rock, and got some cute pictures of my mom and Fred trying (in vain) to stay dry and warm. Then we went shopping. I got a hazelnut steamer from this woman with the most amazing dreadlocks, and then we went to the Canon Beach bookstore. I got this great book called The Glamor of Grammar. I am really excited to start reading it. :) And then we ate a glorious dinner while gazing out upon Haystack Rock. And man was it my favorite part of the trip.

Although, I must admit that seeing my best friends was probably greater than going to the beach. We've all grown up so much, but somehow Emily, Josh, and I have stayed best friends through all that. I think it's cuz we went through so much together when we were younger. I can see them and it doesn't feel like we've been apart at all. I haven't seen them in two years! And it seemed like we were just always together. I love that. Plus, it's not just them anymore! They've got their spouses! And it just so happens that I love their spouses just as much as I love them. THEREFORE we are all great friends, destined to go through life together. Or something sappy like that.

But then it was time to come home. And it was great to be able to come back to my family and friends in Utah. I really love going on vacations, but nothing is better than being home with my ladies, and sleeping in my own bed. School started up again, and life got crazy. And I'm stressed outta my mind.

.......enter stress logic.......

At the end of every semester I have the same revelation: I don't have to teach! I can just quit now, open a shop with my favorite TJ, and become a successful business woman in Seattle. It always sounds like such a wonderful plan (and a plan I most likely will embark on one day anyways). So then I start dreaming of not having to finish my endless essays and ridiculous busy work. And I don't have to go beg teachers to help me accomplish the impossible. And I don't have to stress about school any more. I'm at that point. And man, it does sound like a glorious plan.

No! I'll just have to stay strong! Two weeks until school is OVER. I can make it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksful on Thanksgiving!!

Hey kids!! Remember last year in November when I did one post everyday on FB about what I'm grateful for leading up to Thanksgiving? Well, I remember. And no I didn't foget to do it again this year, I just decided to do things a little bit differently. But! Before I get down to the knitty gritty, lemme just say one brief thing first: I love being able to spend this holiday with my Mom, Fred, Purple, and Austin! It's going to be a really fun day, and I haven't spent a holiday with my mom and Fred in like five I'm glad it worked out that I can be here. But, that having been said, I also miss my Utah and Seattle families greatly. Holidays make me wish I could be in three places all at once! I tell ya, they really need to make teleporting a reality already!! Ok. Here we go. The moment you've not really been waiting for. Build up the anticipation. Wait for it. Wait for it. Drum roll. Or not. GO! A list of 100 things that I am grateful for. There are more things than what's on the list. And some are more serious than others. But just to help put my life into perspective, I decided it was a good plan to sit down and write about the amazing instead of the depressing.

100 THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR!!!!!!! (In no particular order)
1. My red hair
2. Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are definitely two different people, and sometimes we may or may not fight a lot. But put all of that aside and I have a life-long, always there for me, understands my life, best friend. I couldn't dream of having another sister, and I wouldn't give this one up for anything.
3. Julianne -- ok to continue the sister love. Julianne was always my best friend growing up, so imagine my excitement to be a part of her family! And now without a doubt this girl is my sister. I love being able to have another older sister to look up to, and to spend time with. :)
4. Maddie -- Maddie and I always write notes and put them on each other's cars. :) It's fun living just two blocks away from her. I always am excited to find one of her loving letters tucked under my windshield wipers. This is one of the most endearing girls you will ever meet, and I am so blessed to be able to have her as a sister.
5. Rachel -- Psh, hands down Rachel is the coolest most original girl in all the land, craziest too. If you thought I was out of control crazy at age 20 then obviously you haven't met Rach. She always takes life to the extreme, and lives each day to the fullest. I love being able to be zany and wacky with my Rachel. I love having 4 sisters!!!!!
6. Dresses. I really really love dresses. With tights! And sweaters!!
7. Farmers market!! Yay for hens that are loved. Yay for families who grow fruits and veggies!
8. Rachel and Cole. Who knew I could have this much love for two cute little kids?? I love being an aunt more than anything else in the world!! 1.5 months until I go visit them!!
9. Belching. Love me a good belch. Talk about self expression! I mean come on, it's just good fun!
10. ANIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALS!! People are often times evil and conniving. Not all people, but lots are. Animals don't really have that in them. Therefore, growing up in an unfair world, I found myself loving animals more than the average person. I think animals are the best. And I love them.
11. Best friends!! This is kinda a cop-out... because I have so many amazing friends, and I love all of them so so much, but honestly I'm just gonna group and assume you understand that I love you!!
12. Fireplaces...currently it's keeping me warm in my mom's freezing house!
13. Roommates!! I've had some amazing roommates along the way! Here are their names: Meagan and Hillary! We had so much fun at BYU-I....lots of adventures, not so much of actually attending class. Whoops!! Autumn, Charlie, Brenton, Scottie G, and all the various tenants of our couches. Man do I miss the basement apt up in Seattle. We always had so much fun! We were pretty crazy, but not over the top crazy, just acting our age crazy. Too bad we all moved/got evicted and the basement in condemned now. And too bad I don't even know how to get in touch with Brenton, Charlie and I had a falling out so to speak, and Scottie G is off living the dream. That's okay though, because I still have my Autumn!!!! Hilary! Holy crap this girl is amazing. She's one of my best friends, and gets me from day to day. She always looks out for me, and I appreciate that with all my heart. Emma! Emma is kinda a closet hippy JUST LIKE ME. So, naturally we're tight. :)
14. Indoor plumbing. FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH.
15. Le Television! The TV always brings me joy. Is that sad? Maybe....
16. Freckles ... have you seen them?? They're amazing!
17. UH HELLO! FOOD! What's more glorious than good food???
18. Airplanes.
19. The woman who cured me of biting my nails. And now nail polish because my nails are actually long enough to paint! I love colorful nails.
20. Dave and Grace. I put them near loving parents, because if the position were open Dave and Grace would definitely get the job. I love them as if they were my parents, and cherish their wisdom and advice probably even more than I would if they were my parents. They're always there for me! Always loving me! And they always know just how to make a girl feel beautiful.
21. Loving parents -- yes, Fred. This most definitely does include you!!
22. My youth. I like not having to worry about my body falling apart yet. Although admittedly I do worry about life when that does start to happen.
23. Market Street Shoes. Sometimes your family isn't related by blood. Just sayin.
24. Good pens. My life is a quest for great pens.
25. My England/France trip three summers ago. I love being able to see the world, especially when I'm with my family.
26. Cassie Lyn Marshall. Ok, so I grouped best friends, but you have to understand why Cassie means so much to me! I share a room with this lady, which means we share EVERYTHING. We are together all day everyday, and when we're not together we're talking on the phone or texting. When I have night terrors it's Cassie who makes the ghosts go away. When she's having man troubles, it's my bed we sit on and talk about how to handle the situation. We watch movies in my bed together all the time, it's our favorite thing. And whenever life gets rough, or we're feeling down, we always turn to the other to remind us just how beautiful we are, and just how amazing life can really be. So, that's why Cassie has such a big ol' shout-out.
27. My grandfather's wedding ring, my great-grandmother's cameo, and a snowflake from Lynnanne's room. I like having little things that remind me of my family that I don't get to see anymore in this life.
28. Letters. I love writing and receiving letters. I'm sad it's a dying past time.
29. Snot. I'm glad I have snot in my nose that keeps other pesky things out of my airway. Yay for mucus!!
30. My Seattle friends. Talk about an amazing group of people, who helped me grow up and become the amazing person I am today!! My Seattle family, as I call them, will always be there for me, and that is a fact!
31. Neosporne + Pain. (That's Neosporne + pain relief, but the way they write it makes it look like it just says + pain, which is what I call it) I'm addicted.
32. Rain and snow. When I don't have to be outside that is, or when I'm up for a great round of mud football. Otherwise, these come off the list.
33. Family!! (Lemme get more specific. I am on my knees grateful for each and every member of my fam!! I love love love my grandparents. I couldn't even dream of life without my aunts and uncles, and my cousins always have been and always will be my best friends. Family is what gets me through life in one piece. And for that I am grateful.)
34. Treadmills, I love jogging AND watching movies. Living the American dream I tell ya.
35. Beards. I LOVE BEARDS!!! (on men of course, not on me....)
36. The Drey family!!! Where would I be without Mamma Drey and PaDrey's parenting?! They got me through my teenage years, and even still I know they're there for me. Not to mention the fact that they just so happen to also be the parents of my life long bestie, Emily. AND on top of all that! If I hit 28 and am still not married I have been promised to their eldest son! So there you have it. The Dreys are definitely an integral part of my life.
37. My cellular device. Yes we are attached. Yes I am addicted. No I don't have a problem with that.
38. Glasses, I like to be able to see! Yes I do!
39. BOOKS!!!
40. Forgiveness. I'm thankful I can forgive others, but most importantly I am glad others can forgive me.
41. My macbook. We're best friends.
42. THE INTERNET. I love wasting time.
43. Pets. I've had so many pets throughout the years. Petunia, Nibbles, Panther, all my stick bugs which include Fredrick, Theodore, and Jedidiah (aka Fred, Ted, and Jed), my fishies, Tigger, Shieba, Shakespeare, Stirling, Warwick, and that rabbit I briefly took care of when it was lost from its family. Phew. Long list. Love them all.
45. Fruit and veggies. I love eating healthy.
46. FANCY shoes. Gotsta be fancy. Usually from MSS. Always expensive. :)
47. HEBGEN LAKE, MONTANA!!! You have to have lived my life in order to understand just how much Hebgen means to me. But I've gone up there every summer of my life, and let me tell you: it heals my soul. Throw in time with my cousins and freckle farming and you have the perfect place to be.
48. Portland! The original place that taught me how to be an individual and not be ashamed.
49. Trees. I really love trees! And Fred says it's good I'm thankful for them, "because without them we wouldn't be alive, and everything would be made of brick." But seriously. I could lie under trees all the live-long-day and mother nature would make me feel whole.
50. Tattoos!!! You might not like them, and my religion might tell me not to have them. But I'm still grateful for them. And I still love them. And that's just who I am.
51. Teachers. I've had a lot of great teachers along the way; I hope I can measure up and be just like them!
52. My mom's blueberry buttermilk pancakes.
53. Love. I'm thankful and blessed to be able to be a loving person. I am also thankful and blessed to be loved by so many amazing individuals. Life wouldn't be worth living without the ability to love.
54. Free will. Ok, this is a big thing to just throw in. But seriously I am so glad I can choose to be a veg, and I can choose to dress librarian chic style, and can choose what music to love, and can choose who to vote for and what to believe in.
55. Walks. I like being healthy and getting to be in nature all at once!
56. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka being Mormon). I love having the gospel in my life.
57. Environmentalists. I'm too chicken to get out there and fight for the cause of mother nature, but I am grateful through and through for those people who are like me and believe that animals and nature are just as important as people. I'm a nonanthropocentrist, yes I am.
58. Texting. I like texting a lot. Since late March I've sent 13,500 text messages. That's just sent. For those of you younger folks, you will admit that's not that impressive. For those of you who don't text, yeah be amazed.
59. Claiming Seattle as my home. Best place on Earth -- well, after Hebgen Lake, Montana.
60. My Utah friends!!!!!! Yay for all of my amazing friends in Utah. I think everyone knows that I get a little bored in the big UT. Life would be miserable without my Utah friends.
61. Color. I like living in a colorful world.
62. Samwise!!! World's greatest dog.
63. My education!!! I am so blessed to be able to go to school year after year in order to reach my dreams.
64. Electricity. I love the lights!!
65. Art! If I had it my way, every wall everywhere would be COVERED in artwork. And not just famous art, even the crappy kind of art is beautiful.
66. The Walkers. Paul, Sue, Sam, and Autumn (Lindsey and Dan too, but I don't know them as well). Holy crap do I love the Walkers! That's all there is to it.
67. Water. It makes me healthier and keeps me alive. I'd call that important.
68. Men! Although I don't currently have a guy of my own, I am thankful for my future guy(s), and look back fondly on the times in my life when I did have a guy. Yay for boyfriends!
69. Carmex. I love not having chapped lips.
70. Laughing. I like to laugh.
71. Tofu. Holy poop I'm obsessed with tofu. If I could I would eat tofu morning, noon, and night.
72. My job! I have the second best job on the planet. It would only be better if I had my own students, instead of just subbing.
73. Lightning bolts!
74. Beefcake! World's greatest Ford Focus wagon. Love me my car.
75. Adoption. I'm glad that I got to become a part of the Taylor family, although that was more of a legal guardianship than adoption, but we'll count it. And I'm even more grateful that kids out there with horrible families get to become a part of amazing, loving families and get to realize just how much they're worth.
76. My therapist. This sounds crazy, and I actually don't even see her anymore, but I still talk to my amazing therapist often, and I know that without her I would still be a hot mess with no hope of a future.
77. Forever families. That's basically the greatest thing ever. My family gets to be my family even after this life. Heck. Yes.
78. Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. Without them I would cry everyday in Putah.
79. Equal rights. This doesn't actually happen in our world, there's still discrimination EVERYWHERE. But I'm glad that it's a possibility, and that people are fighting to get there.
80. Being a life long Oregonian. You can take the girl out of the NW, but you can't take the NW out of the girl.
81. Coffee shops. I love sitting in coffee shops, reading the local newspaper, watching the rain outside before a long day at work. At least, I used to love that, and maybe when I'm back in Seattle I'll love it again. :)
82. Slang terms. I like talking like I'm from the street. Straight up gangsta yo.
83. Anxiety relieving breathing techniques. If you've ever seen me having an anxiety attack then you know what I'm talkin about. I love being able to calm myself down and get back on track without having to use any medication.
84. Photographs!
85. Writing stories and writing in my journal. I like keeping track of me via text.
86. Music. Music makes my world.
87. The sunshine. There's not a lot better than letting the sun soak down to my bones.
88. Notes on cars. I love getting notes on my car!!
89. Medicine. I hate being sick. -- which includes kleenex, cough-drops, etc.
90. Spell check. Cuz I suck at spelling.
91. Movies. I love love movies. I could watch movies all day every day. Seriously.
92. Soy protein. Yay for vegetarians!! Down with conformity!
93. Making wishes at 11:11pm. Kiss the wall and make a wish.
94. Zit free faces. I FREAKING HATE ZITS.
95. Carmel Joshua Taylor. Because when life's unfair and there's no one out there to be your best friend, your dog will never turn you away.
96. Concerts! Concerts make my heart feel full. It's such an amazing experience to be swept up in an entire music experience. It's all encompassing. And the best feeling in the world.
97. My house in Provo. It's a little piece of me in a sea of conformity.
98. Good hair stylists. Especially hot good hair stylists who are straight. ;)
99. Hope! When all else fails, I fall back on hope.
100. Being carefree. Everyone gets to uptight about being proper and mature. Psh. That's what I say! Psh!! I love worrying about the important things, but just letting the little things go! If it doesn't matter then don't sweat it. Just have fun.

Yay! You made it to the end of my list! Now go eat tofurkey and have a great THANKSGIVING!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This a-week ... I was glad

(Listen to "Jen" while reading this. Yup, little did you know I have my very own song! This is near and dear to me.... so just respect the song, keep it sacred....sometimes I get nervous about sharing something so precious with other people. ------->)

Hello! This week was a good week. This week had its bad moments. This week was sad. This week was a great week. All of those apply to this week....that's why I said them.

Anywhos. Briefly, I "babysat" my cousins this past weekend, although there weren't any babies or sitting upon babies present at said sitting. We laughed, we cried (because we were laughing so hard), we played an abundant amount of video games, we played an intense game of "snag" (frisbee) in the backyard until our fingers fell off from frostbite, we ate and ate and ate, and we accomplished almost absolutely nothing (except Saturday chores, of course!). We had a lot of fun. They're my fave group a kiddies, mostly because their parents are so dang awesome. Takes good parents to make such good kids I tell ya! :) I miss the Daines family.

And now! I was cleaning up and packing up my room at home-home and I found this old journal I got in '07. It's one of those journals that have prompts and shtuff already written in... This is something I wrote under the title "What Brings Me Gladness:"

"I'm glad for love, jobs, new cars, found keys, recovering moms, recovered druggies, acceptance of lost loves, pregnancy, lost weight, new pants, self acceptance, won baseball games, self denial, sarcasm, visiting relatives, straight As, awards, freshly shaven armpits, cereal, doors held open, shared napkins on a kleenex free airplane amidst buckets of tears, Michelle always being home at 8am Mon-Fri, Emily's unconditional love, meeting a new individual, a truth accepted, great poems in an otherwise bland notebook, smiles, change, tips, new shoes, Lucas saying 'Out of control,' chance encounters with movie stars, truly spontaneous acts I believed myself too chicken to go through with, unexpected money, freshly opened sharpies, color, diversity, concerts, flirting with boys in the next car over, dirty notes with best friends, new freckles, cell phone internet, music videos, divorced parents, a personality, '92 Blazers, red, geese, memories, narrow misses with the local authorities, tabloids, self-esteem, last minute shopping excursions, late night soul searching over a long distance phone call, pets, letters in the mail, personal accomplishments, run-on sentences, being rejected from BYU, Mr. Yeakey, Big Red, bleach, youthful body, second chances, individuality, others new found unanticipated happiness, being content, being loved, thinking, epiphanies, the existence of close calls, straighteners, aunts, thrift stores, fashion sense, red hair, movies, decisions with awesome consequences, an unshattered windshield when I wake up, squinting, random obscure occurrences that catch you off guard just when you were positive you were too stressed and busy to notice anything beautiful anymore, tomorrow, Christmas Bear, mascara, IKEA, the sound of Carmel walking on hardwood floors."

I love being glad.
Have a good week.